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Welcome on my site L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie. I invite you to discover the studio I enjoyed build and decorate for you. But maybe you want to know more about me, Valérie ?

Why L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie ?

The idea of creating a rental studio was buried in me for a long time and it is a familial visit that started it all.
A few months ago, Aurélie, a cousin of mine, came with her husband and their two young children to visit Paris and to enjoy the 2 parks of Disneyland Paris. They found Disneyland's  offers of accommodation very attractive but found that they burdened their budget for visits. Furthermore, they thought that hotel accommodation was not practical with young kids. All this story led me to the following thought : « Why not offer to rent independent and comfortable accommodation, close to Disneyland Paris and near public transportation to get to Paris ? ! »


The idea germinated, L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie would soon see the day ! So I acquired, built and decorated the studio to accommodate you in a independent, quiet and comfortable appartment. I wish that you will feel at ease like in a second home.

What motivates me?

Due to my work, I meet a lot of people and I like this contact. Each encounter is rewarding. This is an ongoing exchange of anecdotes, stories. I'm sure it will be the same when I meet you.
With L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie, I also want to show that the French Hospitality exists. That is why I will personnally welcome you to give you the key of the studio and to present it to you. You will have only on contact, me, Valérie. I also thought to leave in your rental a welcome book where you will find tips, good addresses for restaurants,... and a surprise for the gourmands !


My motivation is that your stay is the best. I want to advise you for visits to Paris, activities, places to visit close to the studio. So feel free to tell me about your wishes when booking, I'll do my best to help you. Your "Parisian stopover" has to be unforgettable.
I wanted to conclude this presentation by thanking my husband Dominique. Although he wants to remain discreet, I want to say that he always supported me in my project and his help was more than valuable at all stages of the creation of L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie.
Now I look forward to receiving your booking emails and all the mails we will exchange. And most of all, I look forward to your visit at L'Escale Parisienne de Valérie.
See you very soon !




Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,
I will be happy to answer you as quickly as possible.

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